Here is our origin story.

So how did Jaspr start and why are we built so different?

My name is Mike and I'm the founder of Jaspr.

In 2020, I set out to create an air cleaning business unlike any other.

So how did Jaspr start and why are we so different?

Let's start at the beginning, I used to work in disaster zones, restoring homes after some of the largest wildfires in North American history.

I would go into fire zones that looked like this:


The damage to our customer's homes would often look like this:


To effectively clean the air in impacted homes we would use huge, loud industrial air scrubbers like this:


I was shocked to learn that residential air purifiers were less than 5% as effective as what we used on commercial jobs.

Using a little air purifier from Home Depot or Best Buy and expecting it to clean the air in your home is like trying to use a kettle to heat a bath tub.

Yes - it heats water, but not enough to get the job done.

And that's where Jaspr began.

I set out to create the world's best air cleaning system - bringing commercial grade cleaning performance to homes - but quiet, smart, and beautiful.

Then, just as we were preparing to launch our product, COVID started and dentists and doctors needed the most effective air cleaning solution they could find to keep patients and staff safe.

For our first 2 years we sold 90% to medical businesses who simply needed the best solution on the market.


Hundreds of patients saw Jasprs when they were going to the doctor and over the past year we have shifted the company towards helping families at home who want the best possible air for their homes.

A lot of our customers are people who are sick of not sleeping through the night.

People who have had enough of breathing polluted, allergen filled air at home.

And we are here to help.

Put simply

We were originally designed for toxic wildfires.

We were trusted by hundreds of doctors during the pandemic and now we are making that medical grade performance available to YOU.