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October 2020 at the Warden House.
October 2020 at the Warden House.

Me in 20 Seconds ⏱️

I manage my life in notion & sticky notes, here is a picture of my life wiki.

Let's start from the beginning... 🍎


  • Born in Toronto 🇨🇦


  • Earned my black-belt in Taekwondo 🥋


  • I made my first Ebay sale, and got both my parents banned in the process


  • Sold $30,000 worth of Lacoste shirts in Grade 10


  • Got my first job, got fired 6 weeks later
  • Started Business school at the University of Guelph


  • Dropped out of the University of Guelph 🎓
Met my now wife, Rachel.

We met in line, on the first day of school, at a noodle restaurant 😛


  • Started a cell phone repair shop and ranked #1 on google for iPhone repair 📱


  • Closed the phone store and started a digital marketing firm.


  • Went to Thailand and trained in Muay Thai 🥊. (I’ve been 5 times in the last 6 years)
  • Decided it was time to focus on NOW money and start FloodExperts.ca to respond the biggest flood in Canadian history. This is when the RapidMethod™ was born. (more to come later.)


  • Started a generator business after the Toronto Ice Storm → Rapid Power⚡



  • Dedicated the year to making better friends & travelling ✈️


  • Sold all my stuff, got rid of my place and tried the Nomad Life
  • Got Married to Rachel. 💍


  • Decided Nomad Life is not for me, came home in the middle of a trip and signed a 2 year lease 🛬
  • Closed my restoration companies


  • Our first daughter Aria was born. 👶🏻
  • Moved to Kelowna, BC ⛰️


  • Spent a ton of time with family and thinking about how we want to spend the decade.


  • Finding a place to call home 🏡
  • Our second Daughter, Adele was born. 👶🏻
Here’s a fun pic of us on Halloween 🎃

Here’s what I am up to now 👀

This section exists to hold myself accountable to what I am currently prioritizing . It's also here to share with you.
  • Hanging in Austin, really loving this place. 🤠
  • Just finished the Surrender Experiment and my life is forever changed. 📕
  • Gonna try out this twitter thing HERE
  • Still taking my time to plan how I am going to spend my time for the rest of the year. 🤔

Updated January 27th , 2022

My Favourite Quotes 🗣️

"You're not paying for the hour, you're paying for the value the hour brings you" - Jim Rohn

"A project without a corresponding goal is called a hobby." "A goal without a corresponding project, is called a dream." - Tiago Forte

“The question you should be asking isn’t, “what do I want” or “what are my goals?” But “What would excite me?” - Tim Ferriss

"The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents" - Carl jung

6 things I’d like to know about you

  • How did you make your first $1000?
  • What are you reading / whats the last book you read?
  • Do you believe in buying or renting your home? Why?
  • How many emails are sitting in your inbox?
  • What is your ideal vacation?
  • What are you really excited about?

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