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🔥 Ex-Disaster Response ➡️ Air Quality Educator ~ Founder @jasprco

October 2020 at the Warden House.
October 2020 at the Warden House.

Me in 20 Seconds ⏱️

  • I am passionate about air quality, pollution, and how it impacts our lives.
I manage my life in notion & sticky notes, here is a picture of my life wiki.

Let's start from the beginning... 🍎


  • Born in Toronto 🇨🇦


  • Earned my black-belt in Taekwondo 🥋


  • I made my first Ebay sale, and got both my parents banned in the process


  • Sold $30,000 worth of Lacoste shirts in Grade 10


  • Got my first job, got fired 6 weeks later
  • Started Business school at the University of Guelph


  • Dropped out of the University of Guelph 🎓
Met my now wife, Rachel.

We met in line, on the first day of school, at a noodle restaurant 😛


  • Started a cell phone repair shop and ranked #1 on google for iPhone repair 📱


  • Closed the phone store and started a digital marketing firm.


  • Went to Thailand and trained in Muay Thai 🥊. (I’ve been 5 times in the last 6 years)
  • Decided it was time to focus on NOW money and start FloodExperts.ca to respond the biggest flood in Canadian history. This is when the RapidMethod™ was born. (more to come later.)


  • Started a generator business after the Toronto Ice Storm → Rapid Power⚡



  • Dedicated the year to making better friends & travelling ✈️


  • Sold all my stuff, got rid of my place and tried the Nomad Life
  • Got Married to Rachel. 💍


  • Decided Nomad Life is not for me, came home in the middle of a trip and signed a 2 year lease 🛬
  • Closed my restoration companies


  • Our first daughter Aria was born. 👶🏻
  • Moved to Kelowna, BC ⛰️
  • Launched Jaspr


  • Spent a ton of time with family and thinking about how we want to spend the decade.


  • Visited Austin and bought a house on our 8th day
  • Our second Daughter, Adele was born. 👶🏻
Here’s a fun pic of us on Halloween 🎃

Here’s what I am up to now 👀

This section exists to hold myself accountable to what I am currently prioritizing . It's also here to share with you.
  • Hanging in Austin, really loving this place. 🤠
  • Just finished the Surrender Experiment and my life is forever changed. 📕
  • Helping people sleep better, breathe better, live better @Jaspr
  • Here is our origin story.
  • Still taking my time to plan how I am going to spend my time for the rest of the year. 🤔

Updated December 14th , 2023

My Favourite Quotes 🗣️

"You're not paying for the hour, you're paying for the value the hour brings you" - Jim Rohn

"A project without a corresponding goal is called a hobby." "A goal without a corresponding project, is called a dream." - Tiago Forte

“The question you should be asking isn’t, “what do I want” or “what are my goals?” But “What would excite me?” - Tim Ferriss

"The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents" - Carl jung


The problem with electronic cleaners
What doesn't kill us, doesn’t make us stronger.
We breathe 20,000 liters of air per day
Co2 levels in a home

Air Quality Experiments

6 Questions I like to Ask People

  1. How did you make your first $1000?
  2. What are you reading / whats the last book you read?
  3. Do you believe in buying or renting your home? Why?
  4. How many emails are sitting in your inbox?
  5. What is your ideal vacation?
  6. What are you really excited about?

Who Cares?

I have no idea.

You're the one still reading.

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